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Gelo Holzwerke (DE)

Waldkante exakt ermitteln
(Detect wane precisely)

Texture mesurement delivers comprehensible results
pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 21 thumb hk2019 21

Pfeifer Holz (A)

Operation am offenen Herzen
(Open-heart surgery)

Old resaw - new control system
pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 19 thumb hk2018 19

Despond (CH)

Aus drei mach eins
(Three become one)

New moulding factory brings rational production

pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 33 screenshot hk2017 33

Waldgenossenschaft Iseltal

Genau hinsehen rechnet sich
(It pays off to take a closer look)

Technology to achieve high trimming goals

pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 20 screenshot hk2017 20

Sägewerk Bettega

Potenzial ausgeschöpft
(Full potential tapped)

New log bandsaw tripples performance

pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 9 screenshot hk2017 09

Moser Holzbau

Automatische Bogenbinder-Produktion
(Automated arch truss production)

Fully automated BSH press installed

pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 40 screenshot hk2016 40

Gebr. Eisenring

Anlage zur mannlosen Reparatur von Rohhoblern
(Machinery for unattended repair of raw material shelves)

Performance enhancement thanks to flaw treatment

pdf-icon Holz-Zentralblatt 4 screenshot hk2015_18

Gebr. Eisenring

Mehr Wertschöpfung
(More value)

Performance enhancement thanks to flaw treatment

pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 35 screenshot hk2015_18


Einarmiger Mitarbeiter
(One-handed member of staff) 

Timber construction company purchases second joinery robot. Plywood walls joined in under 10 minutes. 

pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 18 screenshot hk2015_18


Weniger Seitenware
(Less sidings)

Performance enhancement thanks to new control system

pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 13 screenshot hk2015_13

Kaml & Huber

Kleiner Eingriff zeigt Wirkung
(Small change shows big difference)

New measurement system enhances performance 

pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 11 screenshot kaml

Moser - Joinery robot

Abbundzukunft ist orange
The future of joinery is orange)

Joinery robot Bidac - SMB
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 41 screenshot hk2014 41

Weihele Holz

Logistikoptimum nach Zinke
(Optimal logistics)

KVH (solid structural timber)-bars are resorted automatically.
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 40 screenshot hk2014 40


Kooperation mit Vision
(Cooperation with vision)

Two companies bundle their strenghts
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 35 screenshot hk2014 35

Erhart - band resaw

Trennbandsäge für "Bergholz"
(Band resaw for "Bergholz")

FaceWoodControl by Bidac
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 37 screenshot hk2013 37

Full-range suppliers SMB and Bidac

Große Schritte in Vöhringen
(Big steps in Vöhringen)

Joinery robot Bidac - SMB
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 23 screenshot hk2013 23

Robot machining center Moser Holzbau

Hightech fürs Holzhaus
(Hightech for wooden houses)

Bidac Software RoboControl
pdf-icon Holzkurier Nr. 15 screenshot hk2013 15

Hanses mechanisation KVH plant Schulte

Erst zinken, dann schlichten

Bidac master computer control LeitControl
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 12 screenshot hk2013 12

KVH-line SMB at plant Asta Aumann

Aus Erfahrung gut
(Good by experience)

Bidac glue application evaluation GlueControl
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 17  screenshot hk2012 17

H.I.T. trimming machinery Caluwaerts

Sicher auf dem Kopf gestellt
(Safely put upside down)

Bidac Software LM-Optim

pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 12 screenshot hk2012 12

Bidac software forge

Südtiroler Systematiker
(System experts from South Tyrol)

PC-controled automation
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 03 screenshot hk2012 03

H.I.T. trimming machinery Lakebrink

Kleinsäger rüstet auf
(Small sawyer upgrades)

Bidac Software LM-Optim
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 35 screenshot hk2010 51

H.I.T. KSM Keck

Umstieg auf Bandsäge
(Switching to a band saw)

Bidac Software LM-Optim

pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 52 screenshot hk2010 52

Sorting and stacking machinery Erhart Holz

Komplexe Sortierlösung
(Complex system solutions)

Bidac SortControl und PakControl
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 51 screenshot hk2010 51

Ledinek glued wood production at Moelven

Überwachung für BSH-Produktion
(Monitoring for BSH production

Bidac camera surveillance IP-CamGuard
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 39 screenshot hk2010 39

H.I.T. trimm machinery Liechtenstein Holztreff

Rasch reagieren
(React quickly)

Bidac Software LM-Optim
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 32 screenshot hk2010 32

H.I.T. KSM Brand

Perfekte Mischung
(Perfect mix)

Bidac Software LM-Optim-R3d-Cut
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 13 screenshot hk2010 13

H.I.T. trimming machinery Becker

Im Zeichen der Burg
(The castle is its symbol)

Bidac Software LM-Optim
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 37 screenshot hk2009 37

H.I.T. Messe Ligna

Weg von Hochleistung
(Away from high performance)

Bidac Software LM-Optim

pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 23 screenshot hk2009 23

MTT glued wood plant Ligna

Klein und schnell
(Small and fast)

Bidac master computer control LeitControl
pdf-icon  Holzkurier Nr. 20 screenshot hk2009 20

MVTec image processing library Halcon

Bildverarbeitung in der Holzindustrie
(Image processing in the wood-working sector)

Bidac glue application evaluation and shape recognition
pdf-icon  ke Nr. 12 screenshot ke200612
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